Champagne Skirts

With elegance and good-taste, our Champagne Skirts are the perfect way to start off your event with some excitement (and some bubbly)! Our dazzling costumed models inside the metal skirt creates a great photo opportunity as she serves libations of your choice. Or she can come out at the peak of the night for an amazing ‘Wow Factor’ moment your guests will love.
All costumes and accessories are custom-designed and made by Catalyst Arts, so you can be sure it will be a one-of-a kind experience for all.
We have several champagne skirts that can hold 50 to 90 glasses and are illuminated with LED lights, and we’re quite happy to custom create something unique and special for your event.

We have many skirts to choose from– 50 glasses to 120
They can all hold either champagne flutes or wine glasses.

silver gold LED champagne skirt by
Golden LED Wine & Champagne skirt by
San francisco elegant Antoinette Champagne Skirt by
Antoinette champagne skirt at Wine Country wedding-
20's Gatsby flapper showgirl Champagne Skirt ladies by
Red & gold Asian Showgirl Champagne Skirt for chinese new year party-
Rainbow Pride Wild Champagne Hostess model-
Blue moon hostess champagne skirt at wedding-
Nautical belle aquatic costumed champagne skirt -
Gold light Champagne Skirt & Champagne dress hostesses by
Catalyst Arts Champagne Skirt lady at elegant wine country wedding
Showgirl champagne skirt vegas showgirls
Steampunk Champagne Skirt Hostesses by

“We had two lovely Champagne Skirt ladies greeting guests as they entered the City Hall Rotunda during our inaugural Humankindness Gala last year.  Through post event discussions and guest surveys I discovered the Champagne Skirts were a crowd favorite and event highlight.  Guests are still talking about them a year later! They certainly made an impression.”
Ellie, Dignity Health


We have 6 in the SF Bay Area…
* A space age silver one that holds 45
*A gold filigree one holds 50 glasses
* A silver one holds 66 beakers or champagne flutes
* 2 that hold 84 glasses (one gold and one cream with pearls) and
* An ultra deluxe Tall Stilt Walker skirt that holds 120 glasses! (only fits through double doors) 

We have 1 Gold Champagne Skirt/Dress in Los Angeles + Living Tables– LADY TALBES

TO INQUIRE About Pricing/Availability or Make a BOOKING- Click Here

All Skirt bookings include the lovely and elaborately costumed Model/Hostess as well as an On site Manager to help handle logistics of the skirt and interface with the caterer to help refill glasses, etc…(Glassware & Beverage of choice provided by the Client or Caterer)
Pricing generally starts at $1,100 

unique champagne skirt futuristic by Catalyst Arts

Our very unique shaped ‘Constellation’ champagne skirt is great for tech events & futuristic themed events. It holds 45 glasses.

mad science beaker champagne skirt by Catalyst Arts

SUPER CUSTOMIZED BEAKER SKIRT! … We created a special new skirt designed to serve glass Beakers! Seen above with a Mad Scientist Character & a Futuristic Fantasy character model.

Drinks Tower by Catalyst Arts

Or if you want to take it up an even bigger notch… we have a brand new gigantic fabulous SERVING TOWER- now available!
(It is 6 ft in height plus the model so best for large spaces, but can also have 3 tiers instead of 4 for settings with lower ceilings. )