Cirque & Circus performers and dancers by Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts has a hand-selected pool of top-notch Dance & Cirque talent from aerialists & contortionists to ballerinas, samba dancers, hip hop, glow-go & fire dancers.
These performers can be booked in either an Ambient (generally 3 roving sets w/ breaks in between) or Featured (a single focal stage show) capacity. Solos, duets, and choreographed group acts are all available with options to customize costuming, music, and theme.


Illuminated El Wire and LED costumed dancers that can be on podiums, stages, dancefloors, roller skates, or stilts with their edgy futuristic costuming.

Our Gold Lollipop Lyra
(custom built freestanding aerial rig)

Gold Freestanding Lolipop Lyra & Aerialist by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in California-
Butterfly Ballerina in a Bubble- costume/booking- Catalyst Arts
Snake dancers & snake charmers by Catalyst Arts entertainment company in California

LED Light-Up Cyr Wheel & Lyra available through Catalyst Arts

LED Cyr Wheel Circus Stage Performer- bookable by in California
LED Cyr Wheel by Catalyst Arts Entertainment in California-