Wineries, Grand Openings, Wine Club Member Events & More.
We bring the hospitality to life & the  ‘Special’ to Special Events.Winery Finery stilt walker, living tables by Catalyst Arts Entertainment


Wine Goddess Living Table + winery entertainment by Catalyst Arts

Bastille day Entertainment Wine Country
Our Marie Antoinette Inspired Strolling servers provided wine/hospitality industry guests with wine and treats at the Bastille Day Party at DeLoach Vineyards in June, 2014. Owned by Jean-Charles Boisset (who owns over 9 other wineries internationally)
(And a couple more events at his wineries below.)

Jean Charles Boiesset with our Champagne Living Table serving his bubbly at one of his wineries

Catalyst Arts Showgirls pouring champagne at NapaGras 2015

Red Wine Living Table by Catalyst Arts Entertainment HOSTESSES

Classic & Vintage HOSTESSES & 'Flight Attendants' to spread delight & hospitality around events.

Catalyst Arts at Vendemia- Francis Ford Coppola Winery

VENDEMIA 2013 At Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Vendemia entertainment Catalyst Arts

VENDEMIA 2012- At Francis Ford Coppola Winery


10 Year Anniversary Event at Ozumo in San Francisco La Fae Verte- Classy Tray Lady– for bars, lounges, and V.I.P. areas
*******************************************************************************************************Geishas at Ozumo SF by Catalyst Arts Entertainment, stilts plus costumes