Mardi Gras & Masquerade Offerings
Champagne Skirt Drink Dresses by Catalyst Arts Entertainment California

Masquerade Champagne Skirts/Drinks Dresses by Catalyst Arts

Masquerade Living Table by Catalyst Arts Entertainment California

Masquerade Antoinette Living Table for Masquerade ball by Catalyst Arts

Winged Masquerade Stilt Walkers + butterfly stilt walkers by Catalyst Arts California

Blue Antoinette Victorian/Venetian
Masquerade Entertainer

Catalyst Arts Strolling Tarot Tray Lady at
Masquerade Ball

Catalyst Arts Masquerade Stilt Walkers-
photo by Gustavo Fernandez

Catalyst Arts Mardi Gras Stilt Walker

Futuristic White Masquerade Dancers by
Catalyst Arts Entertainment

Elegant White Venetian Masquerade
Character by Catalyst Arts

Mardi Grass Serving Skirts & Stilt Walkers
Masquerade Tray Lady

Pink Living Table masquerade- giving out masks

Mardi Gras mask face and body paint by Audette Sophia

Masquerade snake dancer Cassandra- by Catalyst Arts

Venetian Masquerade Stilt Walker

Blue Purple Peacock Masquerade Champagne Skirt Lady

2 of Catalyst Arts Mardi Gras themed Stilt Walkers

Victorian Edwardian Masquerade Walkabout Duo

Masquerade Face Painters by Catalyst Arts

A Fabulous alternative/addition to masks is having our pro Face Painters & Airbrush Artists  paint your guests masks!

Catalyst Arts Airbrush Artists Masquerade Corporate event

Wonderland Masquerade Quirky Queen of Hearts