Free Creative Photo Ops in a 25’ Airship Studio at Jack’s Night Market

   Are you planning to hang out with friends or spend time with family next Friday evening in Oakland? Come to enjoy our free photo booth in this unique mobile studio.

Airship Studio is a 1978 vintage airstream and the only mobile studio/venue of its kind, which was transformed into a deluxe makeup & photo studio and equipped with luxurious amenities. It is perfect for intimate party, private photo shoot, or just a sparkling add-on for any special events.

The Catalyst Airship will open its door to the public on June 19th from 6 pm to 10 pm at Jack London Square. Everyone is welcomed to check it out and enjoy a free photo session with us inside. We have various backdrops and photo props ready for you to choose from.
If you’d like to get even fancier- Professional fantasy makeup artist Audette Sophia will be on site to do (sliding scale) Mini Makeovers!

Moreover, if you post a picture of yourself on Instagram with/in the Airship and include #AirshipStudio, #CatalystAirship, you will be entered into a drawing for a Deluxe Fantasy Makeover/Photo Shoot Package! (Like Catalyst.Arts too!)

If you cannot make it next Friday, don’t worry; we will be there again on July 17th.
See you at Jack’s Night Market!

What we’ve got up our sleeves for weddings

Recently the newly finished Catalyst Airship got to be utilized for one of the purposes it was designed for… for brides to get ready for their wedding!

Lovely Monica picked a small funky venue for her wedding– and the venue didn’t have any private rooms available… so she had her hair makeup dress ritual all done inside our 25 ft airstream.
























Our Unique Signature LOVE DOVE is a great way to add delight to your reception as well as capture the well wishes & blessings of your guests… on laser cut white feathers that become a precious keepsake after the big day.

And Lastly– our Champagne Skirts are an enchanting & efficient way to distribute bubbly and other libations to your guests at your reception!
We have a skirt that holds 50 glasses & one that holds 90!
Living Tables are another way to have both food & drinks & even gift bags given out.

Champagne skirt at winery wedding by Catalyst Arts


Interactive Zone Production- Oasis at LIB Music Festival

Memorial day weekend we debuted a new Interactive Zone Production offering at a large music festival in California called Lightning in A Bottle.

The Oasis was a refreshment lounge with free hospitality and some arts & games activities.
It can easily adapt itself into a VIP Lounge or add more water functions and become a zone for  guests to get refreshed at hot Summer events.


Inside our tent was also an ARTS CO:LAB corner with various creative activities like making Awards, Playing Cards, and the Co-Creation Roundtable exercise- resulting in synergy art pieces we hung around the tent.


And as if that wasn’t enough– we had the TRANSFORMATION STATION– Face Paint & Body Art Booth where we transformed people into fanciful magical versions of themselves.
Our Pro people paint team included Kelsea E, Audette Sophia, Bri Tree, & Naomi Aeva.


To see more Images from this colorful weekend- check out this Photo Gallery & this photo Gallery-

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