In this months Spotlight we do a CASE STUDY:

We don’t generally don’t provide a lot of entertainers for conventions (they have a tendency to be cheesy or forced and long hours & just aren’t really our cup of tea) 

But we were asked back to the CACM Convention in San Mateo by our very loyal clients CM2 who had us provide an ‘out of this world’ themed Stilt Walker & Mirror dancer for their booth the last year… and they had won the best booth award and were hoping to outdo themselves. 
Here is what we did for them last year. 

This year the theme was Land of Discovery & they wanted to go with an Avatar spin on it. They gave us creative license to interpret the N’avi characters in our own way & also to have a 3rd character that was not from the movie.

We hooked them up with Rick Herns to decorate their booth and we sent a face painter to paint All of their booth staff both days, as well as providing our 3 costumed characters to lure people into the booth & act as a fun photo opp. 

People LOVED it. It was very over the top.

They did indeed win the ‘Best Overall’ Award again this year… and we were thrilled to feel like their secret weapon. The Ace up their sleeve. 

This is a great example of bringing some fantastical out of this world fantasy characters to a place where they would normally not be & thus they make a greater impact. The surprise & delight of finding the unexpected amongst the expected.

This is a great way to set yourself apart from others.

Our clients did indeed win an award for their efforts. But they also had fun doing it. The whole thing became a fun dress-up experience and not just a job of working a convention.

We love being able to do that for our clients.