AI Activation for tech events & conferences in California by Catalyst Arts

Create a 4×3 inch nametag image with the following details:
Name: [NAME] (Bold, all caps, centered at the bottom, quite large)
Appearance: Artistic headshot with a futuristic tech style, she is
Meaningful Symbol:
Background: White background
Accents: Abstract Tech-looking accents in hot pink around edges

Desired Output:

  • Format: 3×4 inches
  • Resolution: 220 DPI
  • Nametag:
    • First Name: Bold, all caps, centered at the bottom, quite large and in black text.
  • Artistic Headshot:
    • Include light abstract tech-looking accents in hot pink on a white borderless background. She is facing directly forward with no angle.
    • The earrings should feature the meaningful symbol provided
    • Style: Clean and modern with a slight futuristic tech lean