On October 3rd we got to bring a Carnival themed fundraiser to life at the private home of an architect in Portola Valley who took it upon himself to go big for the fundraising event for his sons school… building a giant teeter totter in his backyard and making all sorts of great games for guests to play.

We had a 6 Entertainer Package which included: 
* A strolling accordion player who then morphed into the Mystic Oracle in our new Fortune Telling Booth!
* A Juggling Stilt Walker with our light up stilt pants
* A tray lady guest decorator who added festive accents to guests faces
* A barker/juggler
* A Serving Skirt lady giving out scavenger hunt challenge cards and rewarding people with tickets for doing the challenges… tickets that counted for the big raffle.
* A contorionist/aerialist who did a rope routine hanging from the trees!