Costumed Characters
Costumed Character Strolling Performer booking in California with Catalyst Arts

Interactive Entertainment is the lifeblood of Catalyst Arts.

We provide costumed greeters, living statues, fortune tellers, party animals and much more (many listed below), all dressed in the theme of your choice. We bring your theme to life & wander through the event adding excitement, interaction & ambiance with these costumed characters.
These strolling walkabout performers make great greeters, photo opportunities, & can help with things like urging guests to the next room or coaxing them onto the dance floor. 

Tarot Readers booking for events in California by Catalyst Arts
Fortune Teller Booth
Book a Bay area Tarot Reader for your Event with Catalyst Arts
Strolling Tarot Reader with Tray for San Francisco Events
Living Statues in San Francisco Bay Area by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Living statues & body painted Models by Catalyst Arts
Showgirls booking for events in California by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Character Actors & Costumed performers in SF by Catalyst Arts
Character Actors & professional event performers by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Mermaids & Swimming Mermaids in California by Catalyst Arts
Jugglers in California by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Juggler Jester & Unicycle Performers by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
signature costumed characters by Catalyst Arts
Party Animals + Animal Stilt Walkers in SF by Catalyst Arts

Our PARTY ANIMALS are such a fun versatile entertainment element for events.
They can be elegant & sophisticated (such as silk winged butterfly stilt walkers at a gala or a bejeweled unicorn on a platform)
or Silly & Playful. 
Most of our party animals can perform on Stilts or Roller Skates. 


Tiger, Unicorn, Giraffe, Zebra, 2 black horses, Flamingo, Owl, Giant winged butterflies, Penguin, or Gorilla!
(gorilla marketing campaign anyone?)
We are also happy to create new ones for your needs. 

*Every time a party animal is booked we make a donation to one of our 3 favorite animal causes.


Bubble Twins- bubble costumed performers by Catalyst Arts California

The Bubble Twins are a whimsical delight & sure to make your guests smile. They add visual delight to your event while greeting, roller skating around, strolling & posing with guests or in the photo booth, or even up dancing on platforms.

*They can also be repurposed as a fun experiential way to get Hand Sanitizer to your guests. They simply carry a pump around & invite guests to stay fresh & clean. (great at the entryway or before a buffet is served. 


Mirror suit dancers & mirror performers for events by Catalyst Arts California
Gold Tiger Mirror Dancer by Catalyst Arts Entertainment
Fresca Fresh Fruit Costumed Hostesses created by Catalyst Arts Entertainment

Talk about a Fresh Hospitality Concept! Our fabulous fruit & fauna inspired costumed hostesses are a vibrant, versatile & charming addition to any event. 

Perfect for Summer soirees, company picnics, pool parties, & hospitality brand activations. 
We have Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Strawberries, Watermelon, Kiwis, & Tropical fruit themed costumes. 

catalyst arts unique bella rosa rose themed hostesses & performers

Bella Rosas are our line of ROSE Themed Hostesses & Performers… Who doesn’t love roses?
They can be dancers, greeters, stilt walkers, &
champagne hostesses /hospitality entertainers. 
We have White Rose, Red Rose, Pink Rose & Gold Rose… as well as a fabulous assortment of Flower Costumes like the
Stargazer Lily, Lotus, & 4 large neon Tropical Flowers. 

Perfect for weddings & eco galas & Spring soirees! 

Pink Flower costumed characters by Catalyst Arts
Mesmerizing Cirque Twins- bubble costumed performers by Catalyst Arts California

The Cirque Twins are somehow classic, vintage, & modern all in one! They are a bold striking visual element for
greeting & ambience & walkabout. Tres cirque du soleil! They can also be on roller skates. Or contortionists.

Perfect for circus themed events, corporate parties, & even trade shows. 

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