Recently the newly finished Catalyst Airship got to be utilized for one of the purposes it was designed for… for brides to get ready for their wedding!

Lovely Monica picked a small funky venue for her wedding– and the venue didn’t have any private rooms available… so she had her hair makeup dress ritual all done inside our 25 ft airstream.
























Our Unique Signature LOVE DOVE is a great way to add delight to your reception as well as capture the well wishes & blessings of your guests… on laser cut white feathers that become a precious keepsake after the big day.

And Lastly– our Champagne Skirts are an enchanting & efficient way to distribute bubbly and other libations to your guests at your reception!
We have a skirt that holds 50 glasses & one that holds 90!
Living Tables are another way to have both food & drinks & even gift bags given out.

Champagne skirt at winery wedding by Catalyst Arts