HEADDRESSES owned by AUDETTE/CATALYST ARTS that are part of a new ‘MAKEOVER from the neck up’ Program that is Headdress Rental + Epic Fantasy Makeup to match

It is a great way to take your outfit or costume totally ‘Over the Top’ & make sure that you are one of the most glamorous queens at the party. 
Got an Event coming up you’d like to Feel FABULOUS For? We got you covered… well your head & face that is. 


  1. You choose a Headdress from the Gallery that will go with your Outfit or Costume. 
  2. You put down a $50 deposit (that is refundable unless you ruin the thing or flake at the last min or multiple times. Rescheduling doesn’t involve a fee… but you need to give us 3-24 hrs notice) 
  3. You come pick it up from our fabulous costume studio at 2201 Poplar street in West Oakland (just off West Grand Exit) 
    & make sure it is perfect… or choose another. And if your going for the Fancy Pancy package then you also get your Fancy Makeup done. And a photo taken in good lighting. 
  4. You Pay there once you have the perfect head/face combo. 
    You show up at the party looking & feeling SO Good & have an Enchanting Evening! 
  5. You Return the Headdress within 72 hours & get your deposit back. 



Well darling, You decide which of these 3 option suits you best:

FANCY– $75 for Headdress 
FANCY PANCY– $150 for Headdress + a professional Fantasy Makeup/Face Paint to perfectly match it all 
DELUXE- $400 is a full makeover with Costume, footwear, Headdress, Makeup & Accessories for Going out to an event…. OR for a PHOTO SHOOT… & this price includes the Shoot & Photos! (taken at our other studio in Berkeley… Catalyst Studios) 

(the $50 is on top of the above & is insurance in the unlikely case that you do a cartwheel in it & it falls & get’s badly hurt) 

Gothic Lace Skeleton face paint with headdress & collar- by Audette Sophia of Catalyst Arts



If you prefer to call & discuss & setup apt or pay deposit via cc– 415-717-2372