Historically a Slooow month… our executive Lady boss took off for some adventures in Mexico & Guatemala.
And thanks to our great managers we were able to do a handful of great events too.

January 12th we sent a Tarot Card Reader & a Champagne Skirt Hostess to a CIRCUS themed Party in Palo Alto- thanks to 1 Up Events

January 13th we sent two Illuminated Butterfly Greeters to an event at the California Academy of Sciences- thanks to Entire Productions

January 25th & 26th we were hired by Cm2 to help spice up their ‘Out of this World’ themed Booth at a Tradeshow at the Santa Clara Convention Center… so we sent them a brand new customized 4 legged surreal masked Stilt Walker & our brand new Mirror Suit Dancer… and they won ‘Best Overall Booth’!

January 25th we also provided a large specialty eventertainment package for an afterparty of that same convention… they called it the Intergalactic Gala!
Our Glow Tray Ladies passed out glow toys & branded bits while our glow Stilt Walkers dazzled & greeted, and then we produced a 20 minute long choreographed Stage Show with ballet, roller skating duo, a glow hoop solo, a mirror dancer duet, & a Cyr Wheel finale. Then we debuted our new Roller skating intergalactic UV Geisha character, and had some airbrush too.

After the Show our new UV Geisha roller skated around bringing a magical surreal vibe with her and posing for photos with guests.

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