We have been having a Masquerade Ball this month!

This weekend we sent a contortionist and an elegant Living Table to a Masquerade themed company party in Sacramento, CA. (booked by NY based Aerial Artistry)

Elegant Antoinette Masquerade Living Table by Catalyst Arts

And on on October 3rd we sent some jesters and a stilt walker to a fancy Venetian Masquerade Gala fundraiser event in Marin . Here are some photos by Scott Wall.

Our Juggling Jesters & Venetian Masquerade Stilt Walker with our big love heArt frame. Kristen and Bri Juggling Jester entertainers for Catalyst Arts

**************And we have a new page on our site that showcases some of our Mardi Gras and Masquerade themed Entertainment Offerings. Check it out here-