As is usual in the Events industry October was an action-packed month!

Here are some of Catalyst Arts Event Highlights!

Era models 60's & 80's & construction models by Catalyst Arts flapperruntrivia


On October 8th we did a very customized entertainment package for Bigge Crane 100 year Anniversary celebration at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. This package was to bring animation to the key eras in their 100 years as well as the industrial revolution they are a part of and it included Era Character Models from the 20’s, 40’s, 60’s & 80’s… construction models serving signature drinks, a Rosie the Riviter & our Strolling Tarot Tray Lady.

era character models by Catalyst Arts 20's, 40'srosie the riviter model by catalyst arts san francisco


On October 13th we had a blast bringing 4 of our Stilt Walkers to Rainforest Action Network’s fundraiser gala soiree at Metreon SF. This is a cause close to our hearts… so we sent out Tiger Stilt animal and debuted our upgraded Butterfly as well as our updated LED Stilt dancers!

fabulous stilt walkers by Catalyst Arts San Franciisco

all 4 of our stilt walkers-


Our Tiger Party Animal Photo bombing in the photo studio

LED Stilt walker Sf by Catalyst Arts

LED Stilt walker tickling a guest on the dancefloor 🙂


We got to send a few Mad Science characters to the Exploratorium this month thanks to our big sister agency client Entire Productions– both our Mad Science Beaker Skirt (10/15) and our Walkabout Tray Scientist characters (10/25)

Mad Science tray characters + glow sticks at SF Exploratorium for Entire ProductionsMad Science Champagne Skirt model at Exploratorium in SF
The end of October is a Face paint marathon and we had most of our Face Paint team busy at about a dozen events from small to huge.


And finally at the end of the month we got tagged by Scott Levkoff of Mystic Midway to bring a few elements to add to his huge production at a psychedelic 60’s Wonderland themed event at the SF Battery headlined by Jefferson Starship.
Audette Sophia added her face & body paint magic to both the performers & guests, and our 2 Pink Flower stilt characters came out extra groovy and colorful for the night.
Here are a few pics including a ridiculous elevator shot. 🙂  

tarot reader and stilt walker in the elevator

mystic midway ladies body painted by Audette- at Battery SF party

Mystic Midway ladies body painted by Audette Sophia- at Battery Acid Halloween party at Battery SF

stilt walker & yellow submarine man at Battery Acid party creative director Scott of Mystic Midway

Submarine man at Battery Acid party creative director Scott of Mystic Midway