[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][vc_column_text]We costumed and body painted and booked 9 entertainers including 4 living statues, 2 stilt walkers, & 3 fire dancers to animate the ‘Garden of good & evil’ theme.

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CFP- Commercial Fire Protection- Party 2013 ‘Rocker theme’

Featuring Catalyst Arts Fire Dancers & Snake Dancer…
Shot by: Matt Straus
Edited by: Sarah Hon/ A Plus Tree, Inc

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CFP- Commercial Fire Protection- Client Appreciation Party 2014
‘A Dream in 3 Acts’-on Treasure Island

We produced an incredibly customized entertainment package for this event with custom costumes and characters and our package included: Contortionist Twins, Aerialist, Shadow Dancers, 4 Antoinette characters, Black Light Antoinette dancers, and a Light up Stilt Walker.


“You and your team did amazing.   The twins were perfect, the aerialist was perfect, costumes, dancing girls, DJ outfit, all perfect.”

– Dave Edwards


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Google Party at the Cal Academy Aquarium

We created an Aquatic themed entertainment package for Google City Experts  that included:
2 Airbrush Face Painters, a Mermaid Tray Lady, a Contortionist, and a Black Light Seahorse cart with 3 roller skating UV jellyfish mermaids!

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“Catalyst Arts added so much to our event! The fire dancers were captivating and the Burmese python (and beautiful handler!) delivered the edgy, rock & roll feel we were looking to capture. The impromptu go-go dancing was an unexpected and entirely welcome bonus! As an event planner, pre-event communications are equally important to the success of an event, and Audette Sophia provided prompt responses to my inquiries, helpful suggestions on costuming and was easy and pleasant to work with. I look forward to using Catalyst Arts for many more events in the future!”   

– Allison Fox

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Two fancy stilt walkers greet guests as they arrive and mingle during the cocktail reception.
A trio of dancers take the stage and perform a lovely 10 minute choreographed routine with silk fans, light up lotus palms, ballet, and middle eastern fusion sword dance.

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“If you are looking for entertainment that is genuinely interested in meeting the needs of their clients, look no further then Audette Sophia. She is a rare find – and enabled me to produce Grand Openings and Client Events of my dreams and within my budget and price range. I highly recommend Audette to anyone in the market for making a Special Event Extraordinary.”

–  Steve Speech, Mariott