Dressing Room Requirements:

— The talent needs a safe place to finish getting ready, store personal belongings during performance & take breaks if needed.
— A bathroom does not count as a green room. A space properly piped & draped can work as an alternative.
— We can share, Green Room does not need to be exclusively ours.

–Green Room requires a full length mirror to be provided. A place to hang garments (ideally a rack), table & chairs are appreciated.

NOTE— If there is a weird entry/exit situation between Green Room and performance space, please make sure we have a copy of the key or that we have the cell of the person with the key so we don’t get locked out again & again.

Hospitality Requirements:

— Water- Basic Requirement of Water, though most clients provide an assortment of non alcoholic beverages.

— Vendor Meal– If Talent is on site for 3 hours or more (including call time which is always 1hr or more before start time) then as per industry standard we ask that a Vendor Meal be provided. Please let us know if the meal will be brought to dressing room or if a manager should make them plates from the floor.
>> Meal Buyout– If that is not possible for some reason then a $25 per person buyout is expected in place of that.

Hospitality Preferences:

Drinks– water or Sparkling water (in large bottles preferred for eco reasons), Coconut water or Juice.

Healthy– (most of our talent have healthy diets and won’t go for things like sodas, redbull, pizza & candy.  Please avoid choosing high fructose corn sryup and highly proccessed foods.

Options- For vendor meals if possible please have vegetarian option.
If no vendor meal is possible but talent is on site for 3+ hours then we ask you to add a $25 meal buyout per artist to the payment.

Snacks- If you are sourcing snack food for us from a grocery store then we like items such as: Fruit, Cheese, Baby Carrots, Snap Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Hummus & Crackers, & healthy beverages.

STILT WALKER Bookings Require a Bar Height Surface be available to them for getting up onto Stilts & taking break if 2 set booking. This must be Out of sight of Guests.
If this isn’t available in the green room then please provide a Sturdy Table & 2 chairs for them to use for this purpose.

FACE PAINTERS & all SKIN DECOR ARTISTS require the client or venue to provide Tables & Chairs.
A Well-Lit area is preferred & if Airbrush Artists the table must be close to a power outlet.
UV blacklight painters also require darkened windows & extra Black lights for full effect. We only bring tabletop black light & flashlights.


Once inside the skirt they will not be able to walk through normal size doorway… but no problem through double doors.
We don’t like to have guests see the hostess get into or out of the skirt so we need the loading station to be out of sight of guests.

Make sure that bottles are popped & iced in advance! Pouring happens 10-15 min before Go time. The hostess gets into the skirt 10 min before & the on site manager helps load up the skirt.
A dedicated Staff person will be required to keep helping pour drinks during her entire set. In large events sometimes 2 staff members are needed.

Click HERE to Download the Logistics doc to share with the catering team.


Important things to Note about the bubble–

  1. It can be loud when refilling with air as the performer gets into it – we use a portable leaf blower. Great for outdoors, loud music and spaces with high ceilings .
  2. Artist can only stay in bubble up to 15 minutes at a time, as there is no circulating air and they can suffocate
  3. Bubble is waterproof but water level must be no less than 2 inches from ground level when getting into and out of the pool.
  4. To prevent guests watching the performer come out of the bubble, we recommend the performer be released from bubble off stage, behind a curtain, using a side room, or make  stage wings available.

SWIMMING MERMAID Requirements & Logistics

Mermaid Carriers– Once in the swimming tail the mermaid will not be able to move on her own.
> Client must provide a Rolling chair or 2 strong men to carry her to the pool & also to fetch her & return her on break or once set is done.No chlorine added in pool for at least 3 days before party
Pool Temperature– – 80-92 degrees is preferable -but nothing lower than 75


We prefer to paint the models on site then try to transport them fully painted– so we will need a space to be available for 2-5 hours ahead of the Go time (depending on elaborateness of the body paint)
We ask that the Green Room provided is Private or has a draped off section for privacy due to nudeness.
We also ask for a Space Heater
We bring the drop cloth to protect the floor from any paint. However there could be Glitter left after we are gone…


Elements that require or prefer a Loading Dock or Freight Elevator:


This is only about 4ft around at base but we need at least 6 ft of space for it. With all 4 layers it is over 11 ft tall.
If ceiling height is an issue then we can do only 3 tiers.
We generally cannot remove it until the event is over. You are allowed to repurpose it for dessert for example if during the time that it is on site.


Freestanding metal Aerial rig.
We rent a van that needs to get pulled as close as possible to the load-in spot & we usually have 2 sets of hands to unload & bring into building.
We like to get it setup 1 hour before guests arrive & come break it down as Soon as event ends. Please spell out these times to us as soon as you can so we can plan the installation.
Note— there is some Drill noise during setup.

WIDTH- 6 ft Round Base so requires an 8 ft Clearance Floor Space
HEIGHT- About 11ft tall so 12 feet minimum ceiling height
RING is 3 1/2 ft round (40 inches)
Requires a Van or Truck to Transport- we usually rent a uhaul & need to get as close as possible for load-in
Load In is easiest with a freight elevator or loading dock
Setup is best with 2 people & takes about 45-75 minutes to get setup & dressed.
We ask for clear communication about setup time & take down time in advance of booking
–It is best if client, decorator, or venue can provide one or two Uplights to shine onto the lyra. If this cannot happen please tell us so we can bring a light & extension chord.

& our Large Tarot Fortune Teller BOOTH

It is basically 4-6ft wide & 6 ft tall
13 inches deep or more with the wings that extend out on sides
48” wide 73 “ tall & 13” deep
It is best if placed in a Quiet Corner with a power outlet.
It is quite large & heavy so can require an extra hand to get it into position & is best in larger elevators.