Oh Hello!You’re here because you have been specifically invited– which means I think you know a thing or seven about Engagement!This is essentially an Expert Roundup Video + Blog Post about the Topic of Engagement… both at our events & overall with our brands.I want to harvest wise insights & also practical applicable tips. I’d love for you to distill a gem or two from your own direct experience.  If you reply with video, it does mean you are consenting to having a clip of that video included in my final video. Same for text… it may go in the blog post. Please watch the brief video below & decide if you’d like to submit your thought or tips via video or text.It is simple & all built in. At the end- don’t forget to include the name you’d like for the Contributor/Credit section. (if I have your email address I will email you when the roundup comes out. If I don’t, I will send you a LinkedIn message) 

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