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Explore a new Virtual Space UX

Demo & Experience the various interactive worlds I have been creating in a proximity chat type environment. 

Connect w/ other Experience Pros 

Networking is thoughtfully & elegantly woven throughout our time together, featuring the Catalyst Cards to facilitate us getting to know one another better & also a Community Board where you can post a ‘Seeking’ or ‘Offering’. in the Connection Lounge (see below)  

Each week will have a new theme or experiment!

Each week your hostess, Audette will share something new & will also have room for a surprise element or for Sharing from attendees.  


RSVP even if you aren’t sure which week you can come. 

You will get an Email with more details & your LINK to Join us on Wednesday starting at 3pm. Feel free to reply to that email if you want to explore more participation or collaboration options.

If you’re Refreshing or Reinventing your Brand & would like Strategy or Styling support

Catalyst Studios is my new endeavor & in it I give other Creators & Entrepreneurs inspiration, a refresh, or a total makeover in the Branding or Content department.