By always focusing on what we have yet to attain, we rob ourselves of the joy of where we already are.
By affirming what we lack, we fail to appreciate all that we already have.
By obsessing on destinations, we don’t fully enjoy the journey.

It is incredibly tempting to assume that our life will be better when___________(fill in the blank)

This plays itself out in the sphere of career in many ways, including:

  • The unemployed envy the employed
  • 9-5 ers envy those with time and freedom in their schedules
  • People who want to quit their jobs envying those who are starting their own business
  • Small biz owners envy the consistent hours and paychecks of employees
  • Solopreneurs envy those with business partners or teams

Yet the great irony is that while you are assuming the grass is greener in someone’s yard, they may be projecting the exact same onto your yard. There are pluses and minuses to every position in the world. You may be worse off than someone, but you are certainly better off than many. How happy you are is more a matter of your perspective of your situation than it is of your actual situation.

The key is to focus on all the aspects of your current situation that you are grateful for and to appreciate it for what it is. Then as you move towards more freedom, more security, more money, more (fill in the blank) you can do it from a healthier place. You will still move forward and improve your situation, but you can enjoy yourself along the way. You don’t need to postpone gratitude and joy until we get to xyz…you can find it by realizing how  pretty darn green the grass actually is where you are now.