X Factor Lab pioneers strategic experience design, merging two decades of
event expertise with fresh creativity & robust strategy to activate
your brand’s unique ‘X factor


I bring a novel holistic approach to consultancy.
Offering hands-on workshops & intensives designed specifically for hospitality establishments—wineries, premier venues, & leading-edge brands.


Our collaboration will not only help you enhance your guest experiences but also
re-envision & redefine them through strategic creativity, ensuring your brand
stands out & sets new standards!


Embracing each project with personalized attention &
my bespoke X-Factor method, I partner with you to craft experiences
that don’t just resonate—they revolutionize.


Ready to be a Game Changer?


Audette Sophia Philips creator of the X Factor Method of strategic experience design
X Factor Lab Signature Workshops by Audette

DESIGNING DISTINCTION: Crafting Your Experiential X-Factor


Differentiate yourself through outstanding guest experiences in wine and experiential hospitality.Join Audette, a certified experience strategist for a hands on  experience design workshop that brings new clarity and form to your special sauce & innovation to your guest experience.


Unearth Your Organization’s Special Sauce

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Experience Economy, authentic creativity  is the golden ticket to success. “Designing Distinction” is your exclusive opportunity to uncover and refine your wineries special sauce—the essence that makes your establishment truly exceptional.


Elevate Above the Competition

Learn how to infuse your X-factor into remarkable guest experience touch points that position you head and shoulders above your competition. We get a lot done In this intensive 2-hour session:
  • Strategic Exploration: Clarify what makes you exceptional through our tailored 4-layered brand gem blueprint process.


  • Creative X Strategy: Use guest journey mapping and the gaps & gold audit process to pinpoint where to channel your team’s creativity. Together, we will design one impactful innovative touchpoint to elevate a core brand experience.


  • Tangible Artifacts: Depart with two invaluable artifacts that will help you translate your X-factor into dazzling differentiation and  brand experiences.

Your Path to Meaningful Distinction

“Designing Distinction” is the ultimate experience design primer for your team. Arrive ready to absorb, explore, and collaborate with your team, as you take a significant leap toward distinguishing yourself in the realm of experiential excellence

2.5 hour run time. Facilitated Live (within 90 min drive from Santa Rosa, CA) 


  • An orientation training video & materials 

  • 2.5 hour intensive on-site workshop facilitated by a certified experience strategist

  • All necessary supplies (giant paper, worksheets, pens, tablets, GPT’s, etc…) 

  • Travel & Preparation time 

  • A 60 min Integration/Implementation strategy session about 10 days after the workshop to make sure
    the clarity makes its way into action


Donor Experience Workshop with Audette at Safari West in Sonoma County


Using Strategy + Creativity to Cultivate Loyal, Engaged Donors & Advocates


Join us for an experiential workshop tailored for the needs of your non-profit organization. Led by a creative entrepreneur & certified experiential strategist, this hands-on session is dedicated to reimagining and elevating your donor engagement through the innovative X Factor method.


Our aim is to collaboratively redesign your donor journey, transforming it into an engaging lifecycle that not only retains valued supporters but also naturally attracts new advocates. This workshop will empower you to think outside the box, employing both strategic and creative tools to craft a donor experience that resonates deeply with your mission and values.

What to Expect:

  • Discovery Phase: Dive into the current donor ecosystem from a holistic lens and look through new empathic lenses and angles to see fresh possibilities 
  • Creative Exploration: Engage in dynamic group activities, utilizing sticky notes and wall spaces to visualize our collective ideas and aspirations.
  • Design Process: Synthesize our insights and creativity into actionable strategies, crafting specific new donor touchpoints from the best collective ideas that fosters long-term loyalty and engagement.

Why Attend:

  • Collaborate with fellow leaders in a creative, energizing environment.
  • Equip yourself with valuable tools and methodologies to help you create a more meaningful nourishing 2 way street of generosity with your key supporters.
  • Contribute to a strategic overhaul of the donor experience, aligning it more closely with your current projects and organizational goals.


    2.5 Hour Run time