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With elegance & good-taste, our Champagne Skirts & Drink Dresses are the perfect way to start off your event with some excitement (& some bubbly)! Our dazzling costumed models inside the metal skirt creates a great photo opportunity as she serves libations of your choice.
Most often used for a dazzling welcome drink experience, but they can also distribute toast champagne or desserts.

All drinks dresses & costumes are custom-designed & fabricated by Catalyst Arts.
Our Champagne hostesses are always a dazzling crowd pleaser!

Our Hostess styling is stellar & full of variety. Browse our LOOK BOOK Below. 

Deluxe Hospitality Talent for Events
Champagne Chandelier Dress Hostess- original hospitality entertainer creation of Catalyst Arts in California
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We have 7 in the SF Bay Area:

* A space age silver Constellation Skirt that holds 45 glasses
*A gold filigree one holds 70 glasses
* A silver one holds 66 beakers or champagne flutes
* 2 that hold 84 glasses (one gold and one cream with pearls)
* A 1 of a kind Chandelier that holds 40-60 (plus crystals & candles)
* An ultra deluxe Tall Stilt Walker skirt that holds 120 glasses! (only fits through double doors) 

We have 1 Gold Champagne Skirt/Dress in Los Angeles

All Skirt bookings include the lovely and elaborately costumed Model/Hostess as well as an On site Manager to help handle logistics of the skirt and interface with the caterer to help refill glasses, etc…(Glassware & Beverage of choice provided by the Client or Caterer)
Pricing generally starts at $1,100 


To Inquire about an Event Booking– Click the Button below. To Inquire about Purchasing a Skirt, EMAIL Us

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Elevate your Hospitality with Catalyst Arts Champagne Hostesses