best Fire Dancers in California

NOTES about Booking Fire Dancers:

Our dancers provide the fire safety elements (such as wet towel, fire extinguisher & a duvatine towel) but a dedicated fire safety person does not come with each booking and requires an extra fee if needed. Otherwise a volunteer can be quickly trained and utilized for this purpose.

Having fire dancers perform indoors at a venue will need to at minimum be ok’d by the venue manager and quite likely will need to obtain a fire permit from the local fire department which can be a tedious process with expenses involved.

Most fire props have a burn time of 2-5 minutes with a normal burn of about 3 minutes. 1 performer cannot continuously fire dance without stopping to refuel and switch props. (thus they are not booked in an hourly model but by performances) If you want more impact then you will need at least 2 dancers for a Show and 3 is suggested if you want choreography and solos.