The most important thing about these tables is that we really try to avoid having guests see the model getting into or out of the table.

So we place them in the table (in a room that guests are not), at the beginning of the set, and when they are done – roll them carefully (lift the skirt up a bit to not get caught in the wheels) to a place where they can duck out of the table without being seen. Then get the table out of sight and pull off the cloth. Turn it on it’s back and pull out the legs and put folded table and legs back in the black zipper bag. (the very bottom thick base tablecloth can go in the bag with the table but the toppers with decorations need to get hung on a hanger)

Unlike champagne skirts, it is ok to have the caterers start loading the skirt before the model gets in it, as long as you can fit the table through all doorways you may have to enter for the guest’s event space. If they are putting food make sure they are using trays or doilies to protect the tablecloth.

If the model is wearing a big headdress place it on the table and have them come up into position and then put the headdress on them.

You are responsible to style the table and make it look good- including steaming out the wrinkles with the steamer if there are wrinkles.