One of the specialties of Catalyst Arts is classy strolling tables and other costumed hostesses or strolling servers.
Living tables are quite versatile and can be tailored to suit any event! Our models are fabulous walking pieces of art that truly redefine “live entertainment”!

Living Tables are a glamorous and functional way to hand out drinks, party favors, hor d’oeuvres, desserts, place cards, and more! Welcome your guests at the door with one of our charming living tables to make a dazzling first impression. There is no better way to kick off your event than to have our gliding ladies offer guests their first cocktail or appetizer.

Choose from a variety of designs using the below examples as inspiration! We love customizing our costuming to perfectly suit the theme and décor of the event.

Catalyst Arts Illuminated LED & Glow Entertainment- California
Catalyst Arts Illuminated LED & Glow Entertainment- California
Cirque Themed Living Table by Catalyst Arts in San Francisco, California -
Pink Rose Masquerade Living Dessert Table

Some Useful Details

* Our Living Tables are 4 feet in diameter

* There is a 14-inch diameter circle cutout in the middle of the table for our model to stand in

* There are 16 inches from the front, back and sides of the model to the edge of the table. The front and back of the table are ideal for presenting and serving items to guests so our model can move her arms.

* Tables can be used to present a variety of items to guests including seating cards, favors, drinks, & hor d’ouerves. They are on wheels so can move around the room or be placed somewhere.