Manager Policies



  • Inquiries about your availability for a date will often be casual via text and or email. These may go out to multiple people and do not require a hold date- just a response.
  • If you have been confirmed via text or email, please secure the date/time on your calendar, and if you are unsure if it is confirmed and get another opportunity for the same date, please communicate with us before you take or reject it. (give us 1st right of refusal)  
  • If there are special circumstances that don’t fit into below agreements or price points- make sure they are clearly communicated (in writing preferably) and that any assumptions get clarified with Audette and an agreement reached about that scenario. We want to avoid misunderstandings and appreciate all efforts to keep things very clean and clear.



In general, please arrive at events in “elegant blacks” – professional blouses, slacks, pencil skirts, dresses of an appropriate length and modesty.  Please wear at least a bit of eye makeup, and if you’re inspired- creative makeup is ok/encouraged.

On occasion, you will be asked to wear a more formal dress or gown to better blend into the party. Alternatively, you might be asked to wear a costume to match the models. In these cases, costumes will be provided or a stipend to source the costume will be arranged. If nothing has been mentioned then default to “professional blacks”.

Please keep jewelry to a classy minimum. Avoid large baubles, tribal earrings, chunky necklaces, etc. If possible (and not problematic) remove face piercings.



Interacting with Guests: Catalyst Arts blends refined, high-end entertainment with warm professionalism. As such, we ask that managers maintain this elegance in their interactions with clients and guests. However, professionalism doesn’t mean you can’t be personable – feel free to chat with guests if they come up to you, but otherwise hang back, keep an eye on the crowd, and refill skirts/tables whenever necessary. Drinking is not appropriate on a job.
We invite you to be warm with everyone and trust you to find a balance between warmth and professional demeanor.

Interacting with Organizers:

  • Always introduce yourself and your role to the client and any other relevant contacts such as beverage manager or venue manger, and (when possible) say thank you and a warm goodbye before leaving.
  • Do your best to answer questions or address problems before bringing them to the client. The catering director or staff is also a resource to try before the planner. Keep in mind that organizers are often stressed, so try to stay low maintenance and keep your questions and comments streamlined.

Catalyst Arts Representation:
Managers will be provided a logistics checklist prior to the event (generally on a clipboard at the site of costume/skirt/table pickup), as well as postcards and business cards.  Unless we are working for/through another agency (we will let you know) you are acting as a temporary representative of Catalyst Arts and can give our company cards to interested parties.


NOTE– Managers should never try to solicit the client for their own purposes (gigs, employment, side projects etc…)  or for other entertainment companies- and anything along those lines will damage or end your relationship with Catalyst Arts.

GETTING PHOTOS– We would always like a handful of pics of our performers at the event.
If you have not been given a camera then assume you will use your phone to take the pics. Generally avoid getting guests faces in the pics. A ‘usable’ pic will be a good smiling face and show the character’s full body or head. Please take 10 pics (discreetly and when you don’t have other duties) and send only the best 5 to Audette.

ANOTHER NOTE Re: SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS- Please ask for permission and correct credit attributions before posting any of the images you take for us at an event onto any of your own social media pages. Don’t make assumptions- just run it by Audette.

Pre-Event Set-Up: Part of the manager role is to take photos and videos of the costumes. Please do this prior to the client’s’ arrival and the filling of the champagne skirts. Avoid taking obtrusive photos during the event, but do try to capture a few good shots of the skirts in action.
* Prior to your first event and whenever possible, please text Audette an image of the model before you send her out for quick adjustment request or thumbs up. (415-717-2372)

Post-Event: In addition to breaking down the skirt and packing up the events, email the same night with any usable photos and reports of any conflicts (texting them to Audette is also fine). Payment won’t be sent until your photos are received. If any business cards were collected- put inside the envelope on the clipboard and jot down any important notes on there if you have any.



The Manager is acting as an independent contractor and understands that Catalyst Arts is not offering employment, benefits, workers compensation, or insurance coverage. Manager agrees to indemnify Catalyst Arts for any third party claims for injury or loss not arising directly out of Catalyst Arts negligence.

If Manager is unable to fulfill this contract due to illness, emergency, or any other reason then she must contact us immediately and also make best effort to replace herself with another qualified manager.
If Catalyst Arts or our end client needs to cancel a confirmed event we will always do our best to get some compensation to you.

If the manager is late multiple times or fails to meet the expectations outlined in this document then we will need to terminate the independent contractor arrangement- but always intend to keep goodwill and good relations flowing between us. ( I.e. we don’t want any drama & we luv you even if this doesn’t work out)