Classy Corporate Showgirl Performers booking in the Bay Area with Catalyst Arts

You can book top notch SHOWGIRLS from Catalyst Arts… we represent samba dancers & samba showgirls & a select handful of top notch burlesque dancers who are able to make their acts less risque, as well as a fleet of fabulous whimsical elaborately costumed Showgirls that are our own unique creations. Such as the Peacocks & Pearls, our Gatsby Showgals & our Living Art Vignettes. 

Some ways to use these lovely costumed character models is as a Greeting element, a Photo Booth Enhancer, a surprise dance performance, or to help animate an auction. Popular for Casino Royal, James Bond & Vegas themed events! P.S. Though we aren’t usually keen on lookalikes… we make an exception for Marilyn & Elvis! 

Book Showgirls & Dancers in the Bay Area
Catalyst Arts Showgirls silver black modern glam performers in The SF Bay Area