Talent Policies

General Expectations, Conduct,& Obligations of
Catalyst Arts Artists & Performers


This policy summary outlines the key expectations, conduct, and obligations of artists working with Catalyst Arts Entertainment Company to ensure professional & successful events.

Engagement of Artist:

  •         Artists must provide services as detailed in the Gig Details Email and/or Talent Booking Contract. Once confirmed, artists are obligated to perform or find a suitable replacement if unable to attend due to illness or personal issues.
  •         Backing out of confirmed gigs can damage the artist’s relationship with Catalyst Arts.


Our Purpose Synopsis (i.e. Behavioral guidance for all our events)

Shine Brightly & Warmly… Embody the Fantasy & Invite Guests to Join through energetic Generosity 


Artist Obligations and Conduct:

  1. Representation: Artists represent Catalyst Arts and its clients, requiring professional conduct, grooming, and personal hygiene.


  2. Performance: Artists are responsible for their performance, including makeup, costumes, props, &  equipment. Artists must maintain and protect supplied costumes.


  3. Networking: Artists should not distribute personal business cards or contact information; only Catalyst Arts’ information should be shared.


  4. Punctuality: Timeliness is crucial. Artists must arrive on time (or early), with excuses like traffic or getting lost being unacceptable. Being late can affect pay and future opportunities.


  5. Appearance: In general we ask that you put care into appearance for any gig with us, even if managing. This means good grooming & a little bit of eye makeup & nice clothes.
    Any significant changes in appearance (e.g., hair color, tattoos, weight) must be reported to Catalyst Arts.


  6. Sobriety: Artists must perform sober and refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substances during events.


  7. Overtime: Any requests for extended performance time must be coordinated with Catalyst Arts for additional payment.


  8. Behavior: Artists must not act in ways that could harm Catalyst Arts’ reputation. Conflicts should be reported immediately.


  9. Food and Beverage: Please don’t arrive hungry to events & bring your own water bottle. We will try to get you fed for any event you are on site for 3 or more hours. Consumption of client’s food or drink is not allowed unless pre-arranged or offered on-site by CA manager.


  10. Phone Use: Artists Phones should be left in the green room and not used in front of guests. Managers can have phones on them to document. If no on site manager is present, ask a friendly staff person to take some images before you go out or when you return.


  11. Guest Policy: No guests are allowed without prior approval.



  • Artists are paid via Wrapbook (our online payroll service) & must keep their info up to date inside WB.  Direct deposits arrive 4-8 days after & if you choose the check option it takes longer. 
  • Artists are responsible for their own taxes and other payroll-related obligations.
  • No additional fees or expenses will be paid unless negotiated & clearly communicated before the event or  pre-approved in writing.

Insurance and Liabilty:

  •         Performers who do anything like stilts, fire, or dance must have Entertainers Liability Insurance as Catalyst Arts’ general business liability insurance does not cover them. Artists indemnify Catalyst Arts from liability for personal injuries or property damage during performances.

Independent Contractor Status:

  • Artists act as independent contractors and are not entitled to employment benefits.
  • Artists must provide W-9 tax information (during Wrapbook onboarding) and will receive 1099 forms for earnings over $600 annually.

    Waiver of Liability:

    Catalyst Arts and all its Officers shall not be liable to Talent on account of any personal injuries or property damage sustained by Talent while providing services hereunder. Talent shall indemnify and hold Catalyst Arts harmless from all liability for personal injuries or property damage directly related to contracted services.

    Client Cancellation:

    • If a client cancels after paying a deposit, artists receive 30-50% of their fee. No compensation is provided if no deposit is paid.

    Inability to Perform Services:

    • Artists must notify Catalyst Arts immediately if unable to perform and are responsible for arranging a qualified replacement.

    Recording and Social Media Policy:

    •         By agreeing to perform with us you are agreeing to being photographed at the event. Performances may be recorded & photographed & used for both Catalyst Arts & the end clients sharing/marketing without crediting the artist. (however we will almost always tag/credit you on IG)


    •         Please DO credit/tag Catalyst Arts in social media posts that are of high quality & include you in our costumes or at our events. (costume/booking by @Catalyst.Arts )
      Avoid tagging the end client or venue without approval and follow specific tagging guidelines.