Talent Policies

OBLIGATION:In return for the compensation noted under “Compensation”, Talent voluntarily agrees to provide services as per Gig Details Email and Talent Booking Contract for Catalyst Arts when presented with an event contract. Once an event has been clearly confirmed by the client and Catalyst Arts, Talent is obligated to perform or to help replace themselves in cases of sudden sickness or personal issues. ‘Backing out’ of confirmed gigs will damage your relationship with Catalyst Arts.



  1. Representation: While providing services, Talent is/a representative of both Catalyst Arts and our agency client or end client- and thus agrees to present themselves professionally, give attention to grooming & personal hygiene to maintain high standards into looking like and acting as an entertainment professional.
  2. Talent is responsible for their performance as well as all costumes, makeup, and equipment- unless we specify otherwise. Talent must ensure all their supplies are in good working order. If Catalyst Arts supplies costumes (as is often the case) it is the performers’ responsibility not to damage them. Performers should wear appropriate deodorant and undergarments to protect costuming.
  3. Talent shall not pass out individual business cards. All business inquiries must go through Catalyst Arts.
  4. Punctuality: Timing and punctuality are important ways that we keep our clients happy. We need to be at the door before or at your call time. Traffic or getting lost are not acceptable excuses for being late. Being late can affect your pay rate for the gig and if repeated, your standing with your company.
  5. Appearance: If Talent dye’s hair in new color, gets a visible face piercing or tattoo, gains significant weight etc,.., you agree to email Catalyst Arts updating the agency about these change in appearance.
  6. Sobriety: Talent agrees to be sober (no alcohol or drugs) while providing services.
  7. Reputation & Goodwill: Talent shall not provide any contracted services in a manner that would be
 injurious to the reputation and goodwill of Catalyst Arts. If any conflict occurs during any event- talent will report it right away to the manager or agent in charge of the event.


COMPENSATIONTalent will be paid according to obligations and amounts set for thin the event contractor gig details email. Talent shall not communicate about payment specifics with anyone other than Audette. Payment will be via Venmo or Check and distributed to Talent at the gig or within a week from the event date in most cases. 
Talent shall be exclusively responsible for the payment of all taxes incidental to the compensation paid for the services performed, including but limited to federal and state income, sales, or use taxation. Catalyst Arts reserves the right to delay or withhold full or partial payment if contract conditions are not met.


INSURANCECatalyst Art business insurance policy does not cover liability for talent working for our company. It is the industry standard for performers to carry Entertainers Liability Insurance. Talent will provide a copy of their Entertainers Liability Insurance for our files and understands that not having or providing insurance may affect the frequency of requests for you.


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORTalent’s relationship to Catalyst Arts is one of an independent contractor. Nothing in the agreement shall create employment or formal agency or management relationship, nor shall Talent act as an agent or employee unless such representation is outlined in the scope of the services. Talents services are to be provided solely by Talent or approved subcontractors, for Catalyst Arts pursuant to the terms of this contract. Talent agrees to Catalyst Arts supply a W-9 tax information format attached at the end. All Talent are independent contractors and therefore waive all rights to coverage by workmen’s compensation and employee protections, and furthermore agree to pay all federal, state and local income taxes where applicable. Catalyst Arts issues 1099s to all talent who make more than $600 from us in any given year.


PHOTO / VIDEO & SOCIAL MEDIATalent understands and agrees that photos and video that will be taken during the event and knows that Catalyst Arts and Purchaser (Event Producer) will be using Talent image for marketing materials on promotional websites, social media, press kits and such that Catalyst Arts and clients see fit.
Talent does not have the right to these images but is welcome to tag themselves in social media posts or share our posts to their own profiles. It is rarely ok to post the name of the end client or include images of guests faces in social media posts. We ask that images of talent in our costumes at our events always be given costume/booking credit. Link to or tag Catalyst Arts– when in doubt- ask.


WAIVER OF LIABILITYCatalyst Arts and all its Officers shall not be liable to Talent on account of any personal injuries or property damage sustained by Talent while providing services hereunder. Talent shall in demnify and hold Catalyst Arts harmless from all liability for personal injuries or property damage directly related to contracted services.


MODIFICATION OF CONTRACT: No waiver or modification of this contractor of any covenant, condition or limitation here in shall be valid unless, presented in writing and signed by both parties.


CANCELLATIONIf the client for any reasons cancels the contract and has paid their deposit, Catalyst Arts will pay Talents 35% of their compensation. If the client has not paid the deposit prior to the time of canceling, Catalyst Arts will not be responsible for compensating the Talents.


CHOICE OF LAWIt is the intention of both parties that all suits that maybe brought arising out of, or in connection with this agreement will be construed inaccordance with and under and pursuant to the laws of the state of California.


GIG DETAILS EMAILTalent will read the Catalyst Arts Gig Details Email and will agree to follow the rules regarding event appearance, food and drink, costume and makeup, networking, photos and videos, guests and money. Failure to follow the expectations presented may result in reduction of fee to performer.


SOCIAL MEDIA / POSTING POLICY: We require correct credits of any Social Media Post of you in our costumes at our events. When in doubt ask Audette.

  • Generally, if you post anything to Facebook, link to our FB Page— www.facebook.com/catalystartseventertainment
  • If you post on Instagram then link to our IG profile @Catalyst.Arts
  • Also, never include the end Client’s nameunless you have been told it is okay by the Catalyst Arts on site Manager