Welcome to the world of extravagant events where every detail sparkles with sophistication and allure. In this exclusive blog, we’ll unveil a 3-step Super Formula for creating event themes that shines.

Prepare to be enchanted as we guide you through the art of choosing captivating themes, adding delightful twists, and activating your vision into a mesmerizing reality with enchanting designs and interactivities. Indulge in the extraordinary as we reveal the secrets to hosting unforgettable gatherings that leave your guests in awe.

Superhero Group


Choose or Create a Theme that most people involved like. You are already quite familiar with this step.  You bat around ideas & perhaps do a little pinterest or blog dive to unearth some less obvious ones. Some people say you should skip a theme entirely. The reason I disagree is that a theme gives you an organizing principle to give cohesion to all the puzzle pieces

If you don’t want a traditional theme like Gatsby or Under the Sea… at least choose an adjective or emotion or color palette… something to design around.

The Client Event I’ll use for Example/illustration was a company party & the theme they chose was Superheroes.

Heroes on Dance floor - Costumed Characters


Yes, I said twist! Why? Because all the good themes have been done before so many times. If you want your event to be less obvious & more unique then the next 2 steps are how you break away from the pack & accomplish this. Some possible twists include making a classic or vintage theme futuristic, or adding a retro twist to a modern theme. You can also choose a color pop or adjective as your twist.

Our Example Event chose a Pop Art twist to their superhero base theme. They were a biotech company so baked into the event was a 2nd inherent twist of Science.

Superhero Group


It is common to lean heavily on the decor to communicate your theme but there are many other tools that can help bring it to life & equally important; make it inviting & engaging to your guests.  Activities, Music & other live Entertainment are highest on this list. Food & Beverage, lighting, signage, video/multi-media, & staff outfits are some other elements that can help. I also highly suggest sending guests a compelling synopsis narrative on their invitation so they all know the theme & feel encouraged to nod or bow to it in their outfit. If it is a hard theme to dress for, consider having wearable gifts or face painters to get guests into the spirit of it.

Experiential marketing companies or creative entertainment production companies are often ideal partners in helping the theme come to life through activations & live elements. If you don’t have the budget for fancy designers & entertainment then bring in some young people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives (perhaps from a local arts high school or college) & ask them for their fun ideas & then bribe them to help realize the best ones. 

Our Example Event brought in us (Catalyst Arts) to animate the theme & create multiple interactive media activations so that there was plenty of things to keep guests involved & amused throughout the party. We had superheroes greeting, posing & warming up the dancefloor. We created a black panther zone with live actors, a super science themed media installation with on-theme props, live actors & gif hostess, & a virtual reality superhero training zone. They also brought in digital caricature artists & an augmented reality climbing wall.

Focuse side image of ring light
VR Zone
Lite Brite Close Up - Woman putting back the product on the shelf

If you care to see the Short Sizzle VIDEOS of this Super Event, you can click the links below. (only 30 secs each)