FAQ About Champagne Skirt Booking In California

An event has food, entertainment, and decor. Further, the guests can compromise with the decor but never adjust to the food and entertainment. If we talk about corporate events, they are primarily tedious as attendees do not include any fantastic things to allure the guests for their entertainment. Although, the hosts try their best to include things like dance performances and exciting food to keep the audience interactive. To have more fun at a party, we have a fantastic idea, to include the champagne skirt lady in your event. We have mentioned all your questions about champagne skirt booking in California.

Common Questions To Ask From The Service Provider Of Champagne Skirt

Champagne skirts are usually skirts that the wearer surrounds. It is designed in a style that can hold upto 70 or more glasses of wine. Additionally, a unique way to meet the eye of the guests. If you want to ensure your gathering will blow your guests’ expectations out of the water, count on champagne skirt performers in your event. Read further to gain information about all questions you can ask.

  1. How Many Glasses Does The Dress Hold?

Different champagne skirts offer different options. We at Catalyst Arts have skirt performers, body arts, and fire dancers in San Francisco. Moreover, in the champagne skirt, we offer options like 45 glasses in a skirt for your small gatherings, 70 glasses, or for your extravaganzas 120 glasses. The skirt of 120 glasses is the ultra-deluxe Tall Stilt Walker and will surely blow the guests’ minds.

  1. Can We Add Candles In The Dress?

To make your event truly unforgettable, we can add candles and crystals of your choice to the dress. The chandelier of the skirt will hold upto 40-60 glasses. Moreover, if we compare our services with our performers, they don’t have such options to make your event more alluring. 

  1. Does The Champagne Performer Move?

Keeping in mind the comfort of the attendees, we have provided the option for the performers to move with the champagne skirt and serve the guests. Our performers are dedicated and delighted to give a breathtaking performance and serve the champagne. However, when hiring a champagne skirt booking in California, it is indispensable to ask this question.

  1. Will There Be Any Assistant To Help Out The Performer?

Sometimes, managing the extraordinary dress and the servings and refillings of the drink to the guests is problematic. Although the service providers have high-energy performers, they need volunteers to help them out. At Catalyst Arts, there will be an onsite- manager to help out the performers.

  1. What Does The Champagne Lady Wear?

Another adequate question to ask from the service providers during champagne skirt booking is about the performer’s dress. We have a fabulous collection of dresses the performers will wear to spice up your event. Whether you want a glittery gold dress to pop out in public or a subtle colored dress, we have it all.

Impress Your Guests With Our Gorgeous Champagne Skirt Performer!

These are some expected questions you can ask the service provider of champagne skirt performers. If you are searching for such entertainers, you can reach out to us at Catalyst Arts. We have hospitality entertainers, stilt walkers, and fire performers in California to make your event successful. Connect with us today to know more about our services, and they can assist you in entertaining your guests in a fantastic way.

Case Study- Fantasy Warrioresses take over a Convention

In this months Spotlight we do a CASE STUDY:

We don’t generally don’t provide a lot of entertainers for conventions (they have a tendency to be cheesy or forced and long hours & just aren’t really our cup of tea) 

But we were asked back to the CACM Convention in San Mateo by our very loyal clients CM2 who had us provide an ‘out of this world’ themed Stilt Walker & Mirror dancer for their booth the last year… and they had won the best booth award and were hoping to outdo themselves. 
Here is what we did for them last year. 

This year the theme was Land of Discovery & they wanted to go with an Avatar spin on it. They gave us creative license to interpret the N’avi characters in our own way & also to have a 3rd character that was not from the movie.

We hooked them up with Rick Herns to decorate their booth and we sent a face painter to paint All of their booth staff both days, as well as providing our 3 costumed characters to lure people into the booth & act as a fun photo opp. 

People LOVED it. It was very over the top.

They did indeed win the ‘Best Overall’ Award again this year… and we were thrilled to feel like their secret weapon. The Ace up their sleeve. 

This is a great example of bringing some fantastical out of this world fantasy characters to a place where they would normally not be & thus they make a greater impact. The surprise & delight of finding the unexpected amongst the expected.

This is a great way to set yourself apart from others.

Our clients did indeed win an award for their efforts. But they also had fun doing it. The whole thing became a fun dress-up experience and not just a job of working a convention.

We love being able to do that for our clients.


January Highlights

January 4th was the 3rd of our series of Illuminated Entertainment for the ‘Illuminodyssey’ series at the Curiodyssey Museum in San Mateo. 
We sent 2 roller skating lovelies in very dazzling smart LED dresses & wings that kept the kids truly mesmerized. 

January 12th we sent this Champagne Skirt to the City Club SF for a corporate event and she was quite a hit. She wore the company colors and kept the bubbly flowing. 

January 18th we delivered a fun Circus themed performer package for a corporate client- thanks to 1up Events. It included an LED Hooper, a multi-skilled Juggler, & an Aerialist. 
Photos of our talent from Avery Wong below. 

January 19th we had the pleasure of providing a Masquerade themed Entertainment package to a very classy Sweet 16 on the Queen Mary Boat in Long Beach– Southern California! It was organized by Wendy of Wenderful Creations & we provided a Juggler, Strolling Table who gave out masks, & 2 lovely gold & black Antoinette Stilt Walkers! 


January 24th & 25th we were asked back to CACM convention by our loyal client CM2. Last year they won the Best Booth award with a little help from our ‘out of this world’ themed performers… & this year they wanted our help bringing an Avatar theme to life. We hooked them up with our best décor expert for their booth and did all the staffs face paint & provided 3 customized costumed performers to make their booth even more enticing. It worked… they won Best Overall Booth Award 2nd year in a row! I’d say that makes us an Ace up their sleeve! 

January 25th we sent a lovely Champagne Skirt Hostess to a Wedding Showcase Soiree at the City Club (again!) 

December Highlights

What a Winter Wonderland Whirlwind of a Month! phew! 

We got to test our capacity by providing entertainment to a handful of events on multiple dates. We brought a whole lot of dazzle & delight to Holiday Parties of all stripes & themes. Our Instagram is a great place to keep track of our events. 

We had 48 events… too many to share, but some of the Highlights are below.

DEC. 1st-
We got to bring some fun elements to an Around the World themed celebration in San Jose organized by Tied Together Marketing. 

In addition to some Whisky Tasting hostesses & a Contortionist in a Bubble… we got to create a fun spin off our popular champagne skirts… a Geisha Sake Skirt! 
We also sent A giant Zebra & (new) Lion Stilt Walker + a team of 8 Skin Décor Artists to a big party at San Mateo Convention Center including 4 Floral Tattoo Artists, 2 Face Painters & 2 Be-Dazzled Face Gem Techs. Thanks to Entire Productions

Dec 6th we sent out 3 Champagne Skirts and for the annual Compass Family Services party hosted by Twitter we sent 3 Winter Woodland Princesses & 2 face painters & 2 balloon twisters.

Dec. 7th was a doosy of a night with 8 Events!
(let’s just leave it at that & move on)

Dec. 8th we got to make a woodland fairy Champagne Skirt who turned out so lovely…

Dec. 12th we are very proud of the Deluxe Gatsby Package we produced at/for the Dorian SF with 12 performers & a vintage airstream trailer green room & 2 featured dance numbers & a Gatsby Glam station & a bevy of showgirls & a few mob bosses & a surprise Police Raid! See the Gallery here!

Dec. 13th the 20’s Theme continued!
We sent 2 Champagne Skirt Hostesses and also gave a makeover to our Champagne Tower with a gorgeous Gold & Black Gatsby looking cover & sent it as a practical & delightful prop element.

Dec. 14th we sent these lovely Mirror Showgirl greeters to a big tech holiday party at Pier 27th wearing our newest Mirror Suits!  Thanks Key Events

December 31st NEW YEARS EVE we had a healthy mix of events that we helped to make special. 
Our 9th year in a row we sent 4 Fabulous Giants (stilt walkers) to A List SF ‘Passport to the World’ at the Westin St Francis in Union Square. 
This time we took the new metallic disco bella rosas that we debuted last month at Cirque du Soleil Volta premier & brought them to new heights… & also had an elegant dapper duo in white & black & LED lights. We also sent a few magical ladies to a very special Private NYE Party in Silicon Valley… Green Faeries that greeted & gave out drinks & Catalyst Cards & yummy treats/smells, a Tarot Card reader who later turned into a Mermaid to swim in the pool at midnight! 
Also we sent some flapper showgirl beauties to The Dirty Habit at Viceroy Hotel to animate a Prohibition themed NYE Party. 
Including this gorgeous Champagne Skirt hostess who made sure everyone had their bubbly for the midnight moment. 

CHEERS 2018! 

WELCOME 2019!!!

November Highlights

November 1st – We sent our Gold Loli Lyra with an aerialist/champagne pour model for a Havana Nights themed Event- at the San Jose Fairmont booked through Entire Productions 

November 10th- We provided a classic Ringleader greeter & a Contortionist for a Vintage Circus themed event at the Claremont Resort. Also booked via Entire Productions

November 13, we sent these 3 dazzling Snow Queen Stilt Walkers to the Tree Lighting festivities at Santana Row in San Jose
more winter wonderland options here


November 15th we were so thrilled to be asked back once again to an opening night event for  Cirque du Soleil!
The Volta premier for San Francisco. In addition to the colorful skaters & unicyclist we had greeting & giving out clown noses, we created & debuted 2 very special masked metallic rose characters that were a beloved photo opp & enchanting walkabout. 

November 18th we helped bring some enchantment to the Solano Town Center Mall in Fairfield.
3 Holiday Fairies & a sparkling Snow Queen Stilt Walker.

November 23rd We finally got to put a drag queen in one of our Champagne Skirts for the colorful Opening Night celebration for the Taylor Mac show at Curran Theater in San Francisco!
(we also learned that when the bubbly runs out that this skirt can also be a holder of christmas cookies)

November 29th-  Cloud 9 Holidazzle Event at The Westin St. Francis… we once again sent our be-dazzling Stilt Walkers



October Highlights

October is always an action-packed month for us… & this one was very fun! From unicorns to creepy clowns… we covered a lot of bases at some fantastic events.
Here are some Highlights: 

October 6th- Noche en Blanc at the Sacramento Zoo
Our Party Animals made a special appearance at this global ‘white party’ event that rotates it’s locations (& keeps them secret from the 3,000 guests until the day of!) at the zoo in Sacramento.
Our ever popular Zebra stilt walker was joined by the new Unicorn Stilt Party Animal who actually stole the show… cause who doesn’t love unicorns??October 14th we did 2 special events…

For The Stand for The Redwoods Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco (organized by Peridot Events) we sent 4 fantastic Face Painters & 2 giant Party Animals… the Butterfly & a new costumed character we created specifically for this event… the Stilt Owl!Later that night 3 of our Illuminated Walkabout Glow Go Dancer ladies were brought in by planner Mimi the Party Queen again for the Mill Valley Film Festival Closing Party in San Rafael at the Elks Lodge. First they were stationed along the route from the theater to the party to make sure guests didn’t get lost making their way to the venue… literally lighting their path. Later they brought quite a buzz of excitement & a flurry of paparazzi at the party and even ended up making the Front Page of the local newspaper! LINK here

On October 18th our Silk Stilt Butterflies were brought in to help celebrate an Anniversary event at the Bethany Center in SF by planner Robert Hunter Events.

On October 20th we were invited to one of the oldest wineries in the whole State of California… Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma- where our Wine Dress Hostess dazzled guests upon entering the courtyard & made for an irresistible photo opportunity. Our golden Rose Tarot Reader was also quite a hit with a long line all night waiting their turn for her golden nuggets of reflection. 

Also on October 20th we sent a Flapper Dance Duet & a Gatsby Champagne Skirt Hostess to a 20’s themed Wedding at the elegant Claremont Club in Berkeley 

& we also provided a Champagne Skirt Hostess for a celebration in Portland, Oregon- where we now have a skirt permanently stationed! (spread the word to any planners you know in that area!) 

Photo by Colleen Cahill- Event planned by Upstage Events 

On the last week of October our sister companies MagiKidz & Bedazzled Body Art were quite busy doing Face Paint for a whole slew of kid & family events including 8 artists at the Stanford Reunion Picnic (7th year in a row) & 2 painters at the SF Zoo for Boo at the Zoo.
*To learn more about the Kids Entertainment company- www.magikidz.com

On October 27th we once again had the honor of sending 6 Illuminated Stilt Walkers to the ‘Light The Night’ Charity walk event at Avaya Stadium in San Jose.

As well as 5 very Creepy Characters to a House Party in San Francisco thanks to Sillapere Inc.

& October 30th our Autumn Butterfly character brightened up a Mummy & Me event in San Jose

Photo by Santana Row

July Event Highlights

Summer is heating up… some of the delightful special events we got to sprinkle our magic on…
July 3rd, we had a lovely time at this private 20’s Gatsby themed Birthday Party  at the Corinthian Ballroom in San Jose

July 7th, our Bollywood Themed Champagne Skirt Hostess definitely made an impression on this wedding reception.

July 14th & 15th, 21st & 22nd, we sent 4 stilt walkers for 4 dates to the annual Taste of Orleans event with California’s Great America.
In addition to throwing beads to the eager crowds they danced & blew bubbles & gave a lot of very high fives! 


July 21st we sent these 3 lovelies to bring excitement to a shopping center ribbon cutting event- The Pacific Pearl Shopping Center in Pleasanton. Booking c/o Karla Ross Productions.
(we were even included in a local news segment about the event- link Here) 

Client Thank You / Testimonial

“I want to say thank you for sending us your talented crew for the Grand Opening of Pacific Pearl on July 21st. The Champagne Skirt was a big hit and really looked great in the shopping center. The Stilt Walkers were adorable and made for great photo ops at the step and repeat. You and the ladies are great and I appreciate all you did to help make this event the success it was.”

– Karla Ross


July 24th, We did a very popular theme customized Beauty Bar & some live blacklight paint & go go dancing for an 80’s Gala for ILEA (international live events association) at Temple Nightclub in SF. 

July 28th, We sent 3 scintillating Fire Dancers to a private full moon pool party in Sonoma (6th year in a row!) to do a very hot show that was the featured act of the night.

May Event Highlights

What a full & exciting month!

May 1st we provided these lovely Dessert Living Tables for a celebration at the Fairmont Hotel thanks to Entire Productions

May 9th we got to send some colorful & prismatic entertainment elements to the Full Spectrum Gala at the Exploratorium again thanks to Entire Productions.
Our colorful tray ladies greeted with candy and later switched to Glow toys. Our Mirror Dancers swirled through the event reflecting lights and delighting guests.

May 10th was our 3rd year in a row providing some wow factor for the HumanKindness Gala at City Hall. Our Ballerina in a Bubble and Champagne Skirt hostesses greeted guests and later our Tray ladies distributed swag & gifts. 

May 15th we sent 2 face painters to a staff party at the infamous Museum of Ice Cream!

May 19th we provided entertainers for 6 events! Holy wow.

The JDRF Hope Gala at the Ritz Carlton was quite the glamorous affair and our golden hostesses added extra sparkle and excitement as well as helping bring their 007 Bond theme to life. 

We also brought 2 very talented Circus performers to a Cirque themed prom at the Bentley Reserve thanks to SF Proms. Our freestanding lyra aerialist & LED Cyr Wheel featured act.

May 19th we produced a Gold Package for our loyal client CM2 for a Preakness event at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley. Over a dozen performers delighted guests in a variety of ways. See the whole Gallery here in Recent Events. 

May 20th we sent 6 professional body painters to an activation for Netflix/Arrested Development show lead by Lead Dog Marketing. 20 guys were painted head to toe in blue by our artists and then let loose on San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers run!
We will be doing the same thing for them on June 3rd at Clusterfest in SF. 

April Highlights

April is a delightful month getting warmer & full of blossoms.

Here is some of the highlights of events we brought our dazzle to this month. 

April 12th We sent 2 of our lovely Bella Rosa Champagne Skirt Hostesses to an
SF Travel event in Sacramento booked by Entire Productions

April 14th- Flow Kana Launch Party in Mendocino

This event started off with a lovely reception on the lawn with live band and nibbles and our walkabout characters. 

& then after the guests had the grand tour of the land they were greeted by our performers on the bridge who lead a parade to the Wild Saloon party portion of the festivities.

The night was full of stilts & contortion & even some fire dancing. Click above images to go to Gallery in Recent Events. 

April 21st we had a handful of events- a kids party, a bar mitzvah, a wedding & a prom!
Here is the classic grecian Living Statue we sent to a prom thanks to SF Proms

April 22nd we sent these 2 Golden beauties to a private birthday party in Oakland

April 22 we also sent this beautiful Rosé Dessert Living Table to add excitement & delight to a Wedding Showcase event at the University Club of San Francisco 




March Highlights


Here are some of the fantastical things we got up to this month!

March 3rd – We sent a Fire & Ice Living Tables & a Venetian Snow Queen Stilt Walker to a School Fundraiser event at the Levi’s Stadium 

March 10th – We sent this charming classic Mime to greet guests for a Prom at the Scottish Rite ballroom for SF Proms

& March 17th – We sent these Gatsby inspired interactive character actors also for SF Proms

March 20th – Once again we were part of this special marketing showcase event that is the talk of the town for local event planners… put on by Entire Productions. At their Equinox Spring Showcase 2 of our signature ‘bella rosa’ costumed attendants applied scented floral tattoos along with glitter & face paint for a Spring themed Skin Décor experience! 

March 23rd – We created some fabulous customized Studio 54 themed  Go Go Dancers & a Body painted Goddess for Ideas Event Styling for a special Vip Birthday celebration at the St. Regis Hotel in SF

March 24th – We body painted & styled these gorgeous Gold Greek God Living Statues for a Fundraiser at the Bentley Reserve 
Our client Nancy had this raving review.

“I can’t thank you enough for the spectacular “golden gods”! 
They were absolutely perfect. They set the tone for the evening and put everyone in a festive mood. Thanks again!”
Nancy- HAPSF Fundraiser