An event has food, entertainment, and decor. Further, the guests can compromise with the decor but never adjust to the food and entertainment. If we talk about corporate events, they are primarily tedious as attendees do not include any fantastic things to allure the guests for their entertainment. Although, the hosts try their best to include things like dance performances and exciting food to keep the audience interactive. To have more fun at a party, we have a fantastic idea, to include the champagne skirt lady in your event. We have mentioned all your questions about champagne skirt booking in California.

Common Questions To Ask From The Service Provider Of Champagne Skirt

Champagne skirts are usually skirts that the wearer surrounds. It is designed in a style that can hold upto 70 or more glasses of wine. Additionally, a unique way to meet the eye of the guests. If you want to ensure your gathering will blow your guests’ expectations out of the water, count on champagne skirt performers in your event. Read further to gain information about all questions you can ask.

  1. How Many Glasses Does The Dress Hold?

Different champagne skirts offer different options. We at Catalyst Arts have skirt performers, body arts, and fire dancers in San Francisco. Moreover, in the champagne skirt, we offer options like 45 glasses in a skirt for your small gatherings, 70 glasses, or for your extravaganzas 120 glasses. The skirt of 120 glasses is the ultra-deluxe Tall Stilt Walker and will surely blow the guests’ minds.

  1. Can We Add Candles In The Dress?

To make your event truly unforgettable, we can add candles and crystals of your choice to the dress. The chandelier of the skirt will hold upto 40-60 glasses. Moreover, if we compare our services with our performers, they don’t have such options to make your event more alluring. 

  1. Does The Champagne Performer Move?

Keeping in mind the comfort of the attendees, we have provided the option for the performers to move with the champagne skirt and serve the guests. Our performers are dedicated and delighted to give a breathtaking performance and serve the champagne. However, when hiring a champagne skirt booking in California, it is indispensable to ask this question.

  1. Will There Be Any Assistant To Help Out The Performer?

Sometimes, managing the extraordinary dress and the servings and refillings of the drink to the guests is problematic. Although the service providers have high-energy performers, they need volunteers to help them out. At Catalyst Arts, there will be an onsite- manager to help out the performers.

  1. What Does The Champagne Lady Wear?

Another adequate question to ask from the service providers during champagne skirt booking is about the performer’s dress. We have a fabulous collection of dresses the performers will wear to spice up your event. Whether you want a glittery gold dress to pop out in public or a subtle colored dress, we have it all.

Impress Your Guests With Our Gorgeous Champagne Skirt Performer!

These are some expected questions you can ask the service provider of champagne skirt performers. If you are searching for such entertainers, you can reach out to us at Catalyst Arts. We have hospitality entertainers, stilt walkers, and fire performers in California to make your event successful. Connect with us today to know more about our services, and they can assist you in entertaining your guests in a fantastic way.