We are such a visually oriented society.
We are overwhelmed and yet love stimulation. More and more we are attracted to images and videos as they can give us a more compacted experience than words. “A picture is worth a thousand words”…

Pinterest is a great online tool gaining greatly in popularity that allows people to grab and save images to ‘Boards’ that they create based on their interests. Inspiration Boards. It can be used for artists and designers to grab inspiration where they find it. It can also be used as a promotional tool. I recently added 2 self promoting boards to live alongside my ‘just for the love of beauty’ boards.

My current Boards are ‘Art & Beauty’ & ‘Face/Body Paint Inspirations’ & ‘Costume Inspirations’ & Audette’s Art(s)’ and ‘Catalyst Arts Eventertainment’.

If you are using it to promote your work- make sure to include a URL in the field because otherwise it will be re-pinned with no credit link back to you.

For us Artists of all kinds and Aesthetically oriented people- this is a great tool and may also get you some extra exposure for your creations.