Welcome to the wild world of Party Animals, where a tribe of extraordinary creatures comes to life to bring joy and do good. Join us on an unforgettable journey as we uncover the origins of this enchanting circus-themed event that has captivated audiences worldwide. 

Party Animals and People Partying

I’m on the phone discussing a circus themed event. The client is Netflix.

greeting zebra & giraffe for Rainforest Action Network event.

They want 3 giant (stilt-sized) animals for a parade at their event & are willing to cover the cost of creating such ambitious costumes.

I love the idea & I love a challenge. Fast forward a month & the costumes are finished & awesome. I volunteer to do a ‘ground’ debut of them for a Rainforest Action Network event in Oakland.

I personally wear the Zebra costume (because hello, who doesn’t want to be a zebra?) & my friend wears the Giraffe.

We have a total blast greeting guests as they arrive. (look at those smiles!)

A couple weeks later we do the big Netflix company event & our stilt tiger, zebra, & giraffe are a big hit. They greet guests, dance in a silly parade, & mingle as best a giant party animal can with humans.

This is 2016 & given that we already had other party animal costumed characters, very soon we had a nice little division, which I playfully named Party Animals. (tagline ‘bringing wildlife to your celebration’.)

Being a life-long animal lover myself, who always thought I’d grow up to do some important ‘animal-saving work’… I decide that this division is a perfect opportunity to tie in some charitable giving into my business.

So I do some research/choose 2 organizations to support, & make a donation to one of them every time any of these animal characters are booked for an event.

So thus has Party Animals organically grown over the last 7 years, adding new animals to the menu, & making a splash at parties.

Here is the page about it & below is a mini slideshow to share some of the fun we have had bringing the party animals to life in costumes & events.

Stay Fresh company value


After about 5 years of this small impact initiatives existence, I felt mildly proud, but non-plussed about the amount of $$ contributed. Just one little branch of one small business can only do so much. So I asked myself what it would take to add a zero or two to the number.

The Answer: more humans buying into the idea of leveraging a creative idea in your business to support great causes & helping transform it into a Movement.

To enroll other businesses (especially in the hospitality & events industry) to give $ to causes of their choice & do so creatively)

So now this little impact initiative is seeking to grow into a large Industry-wide global impact initiative.

with your help.


party animals web site- it's a link!



To help get Party Animals to it’s next Level of IMPACT?

If so, here are 3 ways you can say yes:

1) I’m seeking a dozen ‘Founding Zebras’ to help sculpt & launch this project into the world with momentum. This is about volunteering time for some steering meetings. Email Me if you are intrigued or ready to jump in.

2) We are doing our 1st (of many) Party Animal Pop-Up Event on June 18th at Bergerac in San Francisco. Buy tickets to this fantastical Day Party

3) Scan the zebra or go to & add yourself to the E-List so you stay in the loop for future pop-ups & inspiration & invitations.

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