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We believe that a successful company is one that truly embodies the values they have established. Continue reading to learn how we live our core values both internally and externally.

Catalyst Arts company values + visualized business values

razzle dazzle catalyst arts company value



Dazzle is a polished firework that sparkles with an air of refinement. Razzle is a bit wilder, with a playful nature & boldness that adds an element of surprise. Together, they create a vibrant combination that embodies that magical fusion we are all about. 



Every event we host involves elements of wonder & surprise. Our intent is to immerse guests in the wild & playful features we provide. During our recent Hearts of San Francisco Gala & after-party, the featured after-party element were our mirror dancers. They shimmered both literally and figuratively, captivating every guest with their sparkling effects & electrifying dances moves. But instead of just performing for guests, they engaged guests by offering high-fives, taking photos with them, & actively encouraging them to dance, even leading some steps to follow! 
Mirror Dancers guiding guests at gala after party in SF as Dance Motivators- Catalyst Arts

Connect Generously Visual Value


We believe that connection is vital in creating a successful & sustainable business.
At Catalyst Arts, we love to offer a warm & inviting atmosphere for our clients & their guests. We thrive on providing services that make our clients look & feel their best. Our goal is to inspire our artists & industry while maintaining an inclusive & generous environment with all our collaborators. 



Connecting with the arts & experiential communities has always been important for us, & even more so during the pandemic. During the lockdown, our founder & CEO, Audette created a facebook group where she offered free business coaching & workshops for performers & other creatives. She also ran a low-cost Experiential Business Mastermind that helped entrepreneurs grow their expertise in experience design & strategic business creativity.
We sponsored multiple events throughout the year, as a way to stay visible & connected to fellow event professionals.  We are also active in a few associations. 
Audette is a founding member of WXO (the world experience organization) & the social chair for WIX (women in experience), as well as an active MPI (meeting planners international) member & gala committee lead. These roles have provided her with opportunities to connect with some of the industry’s most exceptional professionals, & keep a finger on the pulse of the latest & best practices in events & experience design. 

We remain committed to finding new ways to connect with our community & continue to foster a culture of collaboration & growth. 

Stay Fresh company value


Our industry is fond of classics & can fall into a plug & play it safe mentality that can lead to staleness. We will always offer fresh new twists on the known & sniff at the edges to pull in the novel & cutting-edge & new. We are agents of evolution, novelty, & vibrancy!
Bottom line: We are here to innovate & catalyze extraordinary experiences. 



Shall we look at a concrete example?
Our ability to think outside of the box & create extraordinary experiences has birthed a new form of event tarot.
Because tarot is a popular activity, it often results in long lines, which is a bit of a bummer.
In 2022, we set out to solve that problem & took a new approach to tarot, transforming it into a game. This tarot wheel game is called ‘Whats in the Cards for you?’ & invites guests to a short approachable tarot experience that leaves them with an insightful artifact.

Elevate Experiential & Events & Entertainment


When Safeway hired us to add some excitement into their multi-location high end store relaunch. We proposed & created a fresh line of costumed characters influenced by fruit, … the Fresca Hostesses. This group of characters includes watermelon, orange, lemon, kiwis, strawberry, and a tropical mix.

Fresca hostesses- Catalyst Arts fruit & flower inspired costumed performers in California

We will never let our menu get stale… we will continue to push the boundaries & pioneer new fresh ways to engage people within extraordinary experiences.


Elevate Experiential & Events & Entertainment


At every event, we strive to exceed expectations and go beyond the norm by unleashing our creativity & always aiming for the extraordinary. While we do incorporate classic elements, we also  add  unique twists or upgrade through innovative costuming & cutting-edge technology, coupled with a healthy dose of lightheartedness to create truly unforgettable moments. Our ultimate goal is to use the power of entertainment & experiences to deliver a fresh & delightful impact on every guest’s experience, both in the moment & for the overall success of the event.



An exciting addition to our Experiential division is XR…  augmented reality & virtual reality experiences that enhance the events theme & intention. By immersing users in a new realm, these features enhance their overall experience. Immersive Media is an exciting growth edge in the field of entertainment, & we are proactively finding applications for it that make sense in the live event context. 


Give back eco initiatives


We believe that business can & should be a force for good & that all companies should find at least one value-aligned cause to contribute to. We believe Art & Beauty contribute immeasurably to culture, but also want to  make a more tangible difference in this world. This is why we created the impact initiative “Party Animals.” Its focus is on supporting eco sustainability & animal welfare by leveraging the creativity of the hospitality & events industry to fund the orgs that drive real impact for animals & their habitats. We encourage others within our industry to get involved & join the initiative.


At our company, we believe in making a positive impact on society, & our commitment to animal welfare is at the forefront of our efforts. Party Animals began with a simple pledge to donate a portion of any animal character booking  to our favorite animal welfare orgs. We have given thousands of dollars to solution organizations in the last few years. But that still felt too small, & we want to add a lot more zeros to those numbers, so we are now thinking much bigger.  

Zebra hostess in LED shot skirt playing games with guests for a Party Animals pop up at an event at California Academy of Sciences.

This personal pledge has evolved & expanded into a larger initiative that aims to become a global industry-wide movement & use the currencies of celebration to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars a year into the best animal orgs in the world.


You are invited to JOIN this movement. 

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Party Animals Eco Impact Initiative for the events & hospitality industries